Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matt Chandler

Thanksgiving day I got a message on facebook that Matt Chandler, pastor at The Village Church, had experienced a seizure and was in the hospital. Over the next few days I prayed. I encouraged others to pray. I worried. I fretted. As more news came in, especially today, and we find this man of God with cancer in his brain, a strange thing has occurred again. I am heart broken.

I know this seems like a proper response. Something scary happens. Something sad happens. A great man who loves our Lord, has young children and a thriving church faces something so grave and it breaks my heart, seems normal. What is not normal is the fact that I have never met this man. Not once. I have never been to his church, never spoke with him or his family. But my heart is HEAVY. I am deeply troubled by this, all for a man I have never met. But he is my minister.

God has used this man in my life. In down times, his teaching has given encouragement. In confusing times, his preaching has given guidance. In times of grief, God has used him to lift me up. At a time in my life when the leader of my church was anything but my pastor, he was there. Albeit, online. But he was there.
And now, with the news of this man, who has meant so very much to my spiritual health, facing brain cancer...I am profoundly sad. I will pray. And God is sovereign. But, for a man I have never met, my heart breaks.