Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Religion is the Opiate of the Masses

Below is an excerpt from my world religions final. I thought some may enjoy.
It baffles me how(I know how from a Biblical perspective, but from a logical perspective I am floored) people in the West can hold to the belief that all religions point to the same goal. I can see this more in the East because Eastern religions, at least comparatively, are more inclusive. But in the West, we have three monotheistic religions that claim exclusive privilege to the truths of God and all other faith paths lead to destruction. There are many elements in all religions that are "positive", and any person that reject the exclusive claims of certain religions can easily combine the "good" parts of all, and many people do.
Karl Marx said "Religion is the opiate of the masses". He is right. Religion is the greatest way that Satan directs people away from the narrow way and he uses it like an opiate. It is hard to speak of the "positive" aspects of other religions because anything "positive" is only that in two perspectives: temporal and man-centered.
The positive aspects are temporal. Any benefit is essentially a placebo. It would be like telling someone who has cancer to drink milk. It may fill their belly and improve bone density, but it does nothing for the disease that will ultimately end their life. Telling someone to find the "positives" in any faith that doesn't go through Christ to the Father may make you feel better, or make you a "better person", but you end up eternally separated from the Father.
The positive aspects are also man-centered. Any other "faith" is an affront to God. It is insulting. It is sinful. Anything apart from faith in the risen, exalted King Jesus is sin. So, this being the case, any other faith is an attack on God(overt or covert) and thus has absolutely no positive aspects. Much like giving opiate to a cancer patient will comfort them but not heal them, giving religion to a lost person will only comfort them. Jesus is the only one that can save them.