Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 3rd Annual Blue Ridge Bible Church Youth Summit, “Who is Jesus?”, is this Saturday. To help stir up your anticipation I figured I would feature each of the speakers and the topics they will be addressing. In a later post I will feature In His Hands, the band who will be leading us in worship at our evening concert.

At 8:45, Pastor Kevin Wilson will be speaking on Jesus Christ, Savior. Kevin is an Elder at Blue Ridge Bible Church. He is married with 3 girls. Kevin is a missionary who travels abroad to share the Gospel and train other pastors.

At 10:00, I will be leading in a study of Jesus as Prophet. Nick Vineyard will lead us in a study of Jesus as King at 11:00. Hopefully Nick will go short because lunch will follow him, but I would not bank on this. Nick is a man who loves God and loves the Gospel and loves serving a Christ who is Sovereign King over all and I look forward to hearing him speak on this topic. Nick is married to a red-head, has 2 little red-headed girls, actually claims his Oklahoma heritage and is my friend—basically he needs our prayer on a consistent basis.

After lunch we will be serving the community of Blue Ridge. At 4:00, Gregg Day will be covering the topic of Jesus Christ as Priest. Gregg is a pastor to pastors and a husband with two sons. He heads up His Days of Grace and teaches seminary classes at Blue Ridge Bible Church. Gregg is a missionary to various parts of the world, training pastors to lead their churches.

Tim Camp is an elder at BRBC and will be leading us in a study of Jesus as God at 5:00. Tim has a wife and three kids. He preaches every Sunday morning at Blue Ridge Bible Church. His, and Kevin’s, sermons can be downloaded at the church website. I will close the lessons with a wrap-up and application after which we will have a question and answer time with all the speakers.

We look forward to learning together, serving together and worshiping together.