Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Xmas this Holiday Season :-/

It is happening. Every year as we enter the holiday season it comes. It irritates me, saddens me, frustrates me and angers me. Every year, the fight to "Keep Christ in Christmas". It used to be simply to make sure no one dare use the shorthand Xmas because that was "crossing Christ out of Christmas". The new thing, however, seems to be organized attacks against retailers who would dare not attribute this season to Christ. These animals MUST BE STOPPED.

Or should they? I think a fair argument could be made that taking the nominal connection between Christ and the season we are entering might not be a horrible thing.

Consider this: We live in a culture where among professing Christians this "Christmas" season we will see the following:

1) Fist fights over products/parking spaces,
2) Christian children who know more about the North Pole and Saint Nick than they do Baby Jesus, Bethlehem and the incarnation of God,
3) Christians spend more money on 1 day of materialistic gluttony(often incurring a good amount of debt) than they give all year to the church they attend,
4) Christians fill their houses with toys, gadgets, gizmos and the whatnot that will be used to further alienate them from God the Father as they fill themselves with what the world has to offer,
5) A 16 year old girl working the counter at a retail store get cursed out in Jesus name for saying "Happy Holidays" to a parent while they were purchasing their 10 year old boy a "M" rated game and their preteen girl shorts with words on the butt.

Maybe not attributing these travesties to the Holy God of all would not be a horrible thing. Maybe the world doesn't recognize that Jesus is "the reason for the season" because those who claim to be His don't act like He matters. Those who claim to be His aren't living their lives any different than those who believe "Christmas is the time where Christians and non-Christians alike gather to celebrate the birth of Santa Clause".

Maybe this holiday season we focus more on living like the Christ we claim. Let's focus more on our conduct this Christmas season than on whether the secular world will submit to our "Christian" culture. More charity, more purity, more Gospel proclamation. Maybe, just maybe, if those who claim the blood of Christ will live like Christ and proclaim the Gospel of Christ we can see God change hearts instead of our dollar and our voice changing behavior. To me, that would be a very merry Christmas.