Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Youth Summit 2010--Session Audio

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Session 1--Jesus is Saviour--Kevin Wilson

Session 2--Jesus is Prophet--Josh Skinner

Session 3--Jesus is King--Nick Vineyard

Session 4--Jesus is God--Tim Camp

Session 5--Jesus is High Priest--Gregg Day

Session 6--Wrap-Up--Josh Skinner

Friday, October 22, 2010

That's My King

Jesus the King

The Kingly Work of Christ

Christ is not only the ultimate prophet and priest, he is also the divine king. Unlike the kings of Israel who were intended to foreshadow the Messiah, Jesus' reign as messianic King is in no way limited. He rules over all creation and for all time (Luke 1:31–33; Col. 1:17). This rule most directly touches believers at present, but one day all peoples will bow to his royal authority (Phil. 2:9–10). In addition to his comprehensive rule, Christ the King also defends, protects, and shepherds his people and will one day judge all the world's inhabitants—past, present, and future.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jesus is Priest

The Priestly Work of Christ

While a prophet speaks God's words to the people, a priest represents the people before God and represents God before the people. He is a man who stands in the presence of God as a mediator (Heb. 5:1). The priestly work of Christ involves both atonement and intercession.

The Atonement of Christ

The atonement is central to God's work in the history of salvation (1 Cor. 15:4). Atonement is the making of enemies into friends by averting the punishment that their sin would otherwise incur. Sinners in rebellion against God need a representative to offer sacrifice on their behalf if they are to be reconciled to God. Jesus' righteous life and atoning death on behalf of sinners is the only way for fallen man to be restored into right relationship with a holy God.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 3rd Annual Blue Ridge Bible Church Youth Summit, “Who is Jesus?”, is this Saturday. To help stir up your anticipation I figured I would feature each of the speakers and the topics they will be addressing. In a later post I will feature In His Hands, the band who will be leading us in worship at our evening concert.

At 8:45, Pastor Kevin Wilson will be speaking on Jesus Christ, Savior. Kevin is an Elder at Blue Ridge Bible Church. He is married with 3 girls. Kevin is a missionary who travels abroad to share the Gospel and train other pastors.

At 10:00, I will be leading in a study of Jesus as Prophet. Nick Vineyard will lead us in a study of Jesus as King at 11:00. Hopefully Nick will go short because lunch will follow him, but I would not bank on this. Nick is a man who loves God and loves the Gospel and loves serving a Christ who is Sovereign King over all and I look forward to hearing him speak on this topic. Nick is married to a red-head, has 2 little red-headed girls, actually claims his Oklahoma heritage and is my friend—basically he needs our prayer on a consistent basis.

Jesus is Prophet

A prophet, throughout the Bible, is recognized as one speaking for God. Whether this prophet addressed past and present events or future events the prophets always showed the people what God was doing or saying or desiring to accomplish through these events. Oftentimes a prophet would tell of some future event and explain its significance in revealing God’s glory, but always they spoke for the Lord. They were God’s official, anointed, special spokesmen whom God chose to reveal things through. So the motto of a prophet could very well be, “Thus says the Lord,” since these were words that exemplified their mission and their ministry.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jesus is Savior

For the youth summit this year the theme is “Who is Jesus?” and we are looking at who Jesus is by examining His roles, how He reveals Himself to us and relates to us. He is Savior, Prophet, Priest, King and God.

When we say Jesus is Savior we are presupposing one important issue that many seem to not recognize: namely that they have need of salvation. People do not automatically recognize or understand their need of a Savior, so when we begin looking at Christ as Savior we must see a few things: Why do we need a Savior? From what do we need saving? What qualifies Christ as Savior? And How did He fulfill this role of Savior, this action of salvation?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Youth Summit 2010--Who is Jesus?

Next Saturday Blue Ridge Bible Church will be hosting our annual youth summit. The theme of this year's summit is "Who is Jesus? Prophet, Priest, King, Savior, God"

Leading up to this, I will be posting blogs on each of these topics this week, a primer if you will. I also, Lord willing, will be providing some information on each of the speakers and our musicians who will be leading us in worship. It is also my desire to have a couple of book reviews up here, this week. Check back for all of this and more, and let others know about this blog. It is my prayer that this can be a ministry to some.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking Through The Valley of Vision

Blogging about a blog...now if I can just get someone to blog about this then we would be in business. Click the image on the left to go to the full blog. Here is a snippet:

"The Valley of Vision is a collection of Puritan prayers, and one of the most helpful and refreshing resources on prayer I have found. It’s one of two or three books on prayer that I regularly recommend to people who want to grow in the discipline. I have benefitted from reading and praying through the book so much over the years I wanted to find a way to maximize its usefulness, and get the most out of it for my own spiritual growth. So, a couple years ago I developed a schedule and rhythm for my personal use of the Valley of Vision.

I rearranged the prayers into 3 daily readings, five days a week, and scheduled them to be read/prayed at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm Monday through Friday. This method took me through the entire Valley of Vision in 13 weeks, only repeating two prayers one time...."(continue to full blog)

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Last Days According to Jesus by RC Sproul

Growing up in a culture of dispensationalism, I often jokingly told my students that they did not even need to read the book of Revelation, they should simply read the Left Behind series. While it was said in jest, the mindset of most I knew was essentially eschatology of Lahayism: Pre-Trib, Pre-Mil and the mark of the beast is 666 and his name is Nicolae. Then God blessed me with this gem by Dr. Sproul, The Last Days According to Jesus.

Dr. Sproul introduces the main text with a brief examination of the belief that Christ was a false prophet, a view trumpeted most aptly by Bertrand Russell. Based on the Olivet Discourse and Christ’s prediction of His return within a generation, Russell argued that Christ had to be a false prophet. Sproul then examines Albert Schweitzer’s “consistent eschatology” including his concept of “parousia-delay”. C.H. Dodd’s “realized eschatology” is then addressed. With all of this background Dr. Sproul introduces J. Stuart Russell’s book The Parousia. This book is examined throughout the remainder of Last Days as Dr. Sproul exposes the fallacies in hyper-preterism and makes a rather convincing argument for the case of partial-preterism.

New Year--Redux

New Year's resolutions....10 months ago I made a resolution to blog my studies...that obviously did not happen. 10 months, a new church, back living in Ector and more free to be open and honest with the truth of Scripture than ever before, I am ready to enter the world of blogging.

Beginning next week I will begin blogging reviews of the books I am reading and also trying to share many of the links I place on facebook and Scripture gleanings. Hopefully this will bless someone.