Friday, November 23, 2012

Now you have absolutely no excuse..

...for not owning this book!

Bring the Books: Black Friday Kindle Special on Beeke's A Puritan Theology

Black Friday Kindle Special on Beeke's A Puritan Theology

If you're like me, you love the idea of reading Joel Beeke & Mark Jones' impressive new book A Puritan Theology, but you also find it pretty inconvenient to carry a book of 1000+ pages with you on the go. Ordinarily, you could just tear out the pages you want to read and then glue them back in later, but lets face it -that's not a great idea. One option is to get the book on Amazon Kindle. Ordinarily, the book is an unpleasant $30 on Kindle (and $60 in print), but for the weekend until Monday the book is on sale for $9.99 at Amazon. Even if you have the book in print, it's probably worth it to get it in this portable format. Although our readers are probably familiar with this book, I want to mention the very first paragraph in the book from the foreword written by Sinclair Ferguson:

The one thousand pages and more than half a million words you now hold in your hand constitute the largest and most comprehensive exposition to date on the theology of the English Puritans. It is a remarkable achievement, the fruit of many combined decades of reading, research, and reflection on the part of its authors.

I did leap on this deal immediately, and while I love print books, this is definitely the kind of book to take with you wherever you go, since it is as devotional as it is systematic. You can fine it here.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Perfect Love by Shai Linne

Perfect Love
Written by Shai Linne and Monielle Laney

Verse 1

Now let's get straight to the topic, God's love is weighty to process
And apart from the Holy Spirit, we're unable to digest
Because man's depraved in his logic, so God's haters will mock it
But inter-trinitarian love should make us astonished
Imagine the Son enjoying the embrace of His Father
Eternally paying Him homage as He bathed in His knowledge
Equally faithful and sovereign, gracious, patient and honest
Cosmic greatness blazing with radiance- conscious
Holy Spirit also present, full display of His God-ness
No creation could watch this- it wasn't safe for their optics
What an awesome scene in heaven with all esteem and reverence
It's Psalm 16:11 as conveyed through the prophet
Overflow of joy and love, the Father made Him a promise
To give His Son a people to liberate from their bondage
So they're no longer slaves and hostages, but blameless and spotless
Consequence of eternal love- our salvation's accomplished!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Listen to the new Indelible Grace album

From depths of woe I raise to Thee

This great hymn by Martin Luther is the lead song on the new Indelible Grace album. It is awesome.  Listen and buy here. 

From depths of woe I raise to Thee
The voice of lamentation;
Lord, turn a gracious ear to me
And hear my supplication;
If Thou iniquities dost mark,
Our secret sins and misdeeds dark,
O who shall stand before Thee?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lord of Patience by Shai Linne

Lord of Patience
Written by Shai Linne and Melissa Thorpe

Verse 1

Heavenly Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus
It's because of His righteousness that we pray You receive this
Lord, you're holy, we shouldn't even be in Your presence
Due to our sin, we don't deserve the least of Your blessings
But through the cross and believing that Jesus is risen
Even the worst of sinners can be redeemed and forgiven
I'm living proof when I say this and these are truthful statements
You're beautiful when displaying Your unusual patience
You take the blasphemous- pridefully stuck in our blindness
Instead of smashing us, decided to love us with kindness
Even with unbelievers facing Your terror, You slow up
Like when You waited patiently in the era of Noah
We know that with You, a day is just like a thousand years
So does that mean for every sin, You cry a thousand tears?
Who can record Your graces? Adored through scores of ages
Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience


Our Sovereign God, You are
The Lord of Patience, yeah
Your wrath, Oh God, we deserve
Christ has taken, yeah

Gracious God, You are
Slow to anger, yeah
You're Lord of patience and
You love us patiently

Verse 2

Lord, we worship You, we know that everything we owe You
And when we reflect on the time before we came to know You
How we were unbelievers committing tons of treason
We had a hundred reasons why we wouldn't come to Jesus
But they were all excuses because our thoughts were useless
That's what the dark produces, Father, You already knew this
We were foolish and clueless, just as ruthless as Judas
Who knew that You would choose to pursue us and move to woo us
So after waiting with patience as we would run from You
You activated our faith so that we would come to You
Your law exposed our sin so that we would know the danger
And take refuge in the Holy Savior who's slow to anger
And as our teary eyes beheld the cross of our King
We understood the true meaning of long-suffering
Who can record Your graces? Adored through scores of ages
Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience


Verse 3

And now that we're in Christ, the thing that is amazing to us
Is that You still continue to display Your patience to us
Through all our stumbles and falls and our idolatry
Through all our grumbling and all of our hypocrisy
Our self-righteousness, with brothers and sisters we're hostile
Our unforgiveness- all because we're just missing the gospel
We should be slow to anger, but Your Word- we're slow to hear it
Oh Father, help us please! We truly need Your Holy Spirit!
He is the only Person who can shape this fruit within us
We praise the risen Savior who is able to present us
Without an ounce of blame, with zero doubt or shame
Lord Jesus, down You came from heaven to announce Your reign
In the hearts of Your people, and now we have the truth
And gladly choose to praise You for all of Your attributes
Who can record Your graces? Adored through scores of ages
Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience


 The Attributes of God

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Michael Horton:

“According to the gospel, the divine Stranger has met us throughout our history in our own world and has even descended to us as our elder brother, reconciling us to his Father. In a covenantal perspective, we are no less dependent on God for our knowledge than for our existence. Given both the positive ontological difference and the negative ethical opposition between God and fallen humanity, we dare not attempt to ascend to heaven by our own reason, will, and works, but we must meet God where he has promised to descend to us, meeting us in grace. This is the covenant of grace, with Christ’s mediation as the only basis for a safe conduct into God’s presence.

In contrast to the visual analogies that dominant our western intellectual heritage, its principal metaphors for knowing God are oral/aural—God’s speaking and our hearing rather than our seeing and mastering reality. Hearers are never autonomous, but receive both their existence and their knowledge from the God who speaks.” via the Logos Bible Android app.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mercy and Grace by Shai Linne and Tim Brindle

Mercy and Grace
Written by Shai Linne and Timothy Brindle

Verse 1 (Shai Linne)

I gotta say this, God is gracious
That's not just a doctrine statement, but my heartfelt proclamation
Of a God who saves men without obligation
From sin's domination and the bonds of Satan
Nobody sins in moderation
That's obvious from our evil thoughts to our conversation
We were dead, we needed more than an operation
We had to be brought out the grave and made alive, awakened
It's quite amazing how in salvation
Each person of the Trinity contributes like a compilation
The Father elected me, Jesus bled for me
And regeneration is the Holy Spirit's confirmation
So we repent of our abominations
Consecration to the God who's exalted above the constellations
The observation of the congregation is
God is gracious with a lot of patience, so we gotta praise Him!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Historical Truth-Thoughts on Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 17 from Kevin DeYoung

“There has been no more important event in history than the resurrection of the Son of God. And don’t overlook the word history in that last sentence. Christianity is an historical religion. We believe and proclaim certain events that happened-really happened, as everyone except madmen and New Testament scholars understand things to have really happened. Easter is not about Jesus living on in His teachings or the experience of Jesus coming to life in His disciples. Easter is about a divine Galilean whose heart pumped blood again, whose lungs filled with oxygen again, and whose synapses started firing again.

“What was it that within a few days transformed a band of mourners into the spiritual conquerors of the world?” asked J. Gresham Machen. “It was not the memory of Jesus’ life; it was not the inspiration which came from past contact with Him. But it was the message, ‘He is risen.’ That message alone gave to the disciples a living Saviour; and it alone can give to us a living Saviour today.” If the historical Jesus is something other than the Jesus who died for sins, was buried, and raised to life again, then He was a failure and a fraud and we are mistaken in our devotion to Him.” via the Logos Bible Android app.

Our God is in the Heavens by Shai Linne

Our God Is In The Heavens
Written by S. Linne and B. Davis


Our God is in the heavens
He does whatever He pleases! (repeat)

Verse 1 (Shai Linne)

The Sovereign LORD, Great I AM recognize the name!
He's always on top of His game, a Lion that simply cannot be tamed
And no, He is not restrained at all- nobody can stop His reign
So why do the nations rage and all of the peoples plot in vain?
Their sin and offense is against His excellence and they're not ashamed
As though He's lacking the power to shackle them now in the hottest flames
And so they cock and aim- the target? His cosmic reign
That's like a kid with a super soaker trying to conquer Spain!
Man thinks he's a pugilist, trying to ball up his puny fist
At the LORD, who is ruling this
What's amusing is God just laughs, like "Who is this"?
Stupid kids who persist in foolishness
It's only by God's power you exist
Now you declare war on the LORD
When before you were born, He formed you in the uterus?
Look- Our God is in the heavens and He does all that He pleases
He's established His King in Zion and His name is Jesus!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taste and See--Shai Linne

Taste and See
Written by Shai Linne


If you've tasted and seen, then you know what I mean, He's GOOD!
In His nature, His love, everything that He does, He's GOOD!
Even when it gets tough, yes the Lord is enough, He's GOOD!
Yes, God makes it plain through the Lamb who was slain, He's GOOD!

Verse 1

The world is not subtle, why should we be subliminal?
When it comes to goodness, our God is at the pinnacle
If God is approving it, then it's good- that's the principle
Humanity is minimal, the Lord is the original
Fountain of benevolence,  boundless in measurement
Abounding in blessedness, there's mountains of evidence
Found in the testaments, resounding these sentiments
We drown in His benefits from towns to the settlements
His goodness expressed in the natural and physical
From rocks and minerals to toxic chemicals
Stop being cynical, not trying to be traditional
But God is good all the time- no intervals
While doubters and pessimists clown what He represents
His smiles toward the penitent endowed us with better sense
Now that we've been convinced, we shout without hesitance
Crown His excellency now and forever friends!  


Verse 2

Understand God is good apart from anything He's done for me
Yet and still His goodness has blessed me abundantly
I'll try to give a summary beginning with with His love for me
In sending Christ to die yes, the blood of Jesus covers me
Our years, He can make them new, our fears He's awakened to
He hears when we're praying and He's there when the payment's due
His Spirit enables you to fear Him and praise Him through
the tears, we can say it's true, He's near when we're breaking too
Whether we are suffering or living in luxury
His works toward His people are all done lovingly
They're never done stubbornly or with a hint of drudgery
Every single sunrise provides a new discovery
It's clear what He came to do- seers like Isaiah knew
He'd appear as a baby who was reared as a faithful Jew
then pierced for a shady crew, appeared in plainest view,
So here's what's we're made to do, revere Him because praise is due!


Verse 3

Peep this and listen, the keys in the ignition
The goodness of God can be seen in His provision
In each of His decisions, He's leaving the inscription
That it's needless and grievous just to keep Him in derision
It's cool to know His goodness never changes- immutable
It's true when we can't explain this- He's inscrutable
And we are not delusional, these facts are indisputable
I know it sounds unusual, I'll show you how it's provable
Adam and Eve had freedom with one restriction
Satan deceived them, from Eden received eviction
To leave us in a greasy condition with sleazy addictions
But Jesus' afflictions frees those believing He's risen
God's goodness seen at the cross- irrefutable
On this gospel truth we will stand- immovable
And glorify God for His goodness- it's suitable
Just because it's a duty? No! Simply because He's beautiful!


Monday, November 12, 2012

White Horse Inn: What is Covenant Theology

The newest White Horse Inn episode is an interview with the authors of Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored.  You can read my thoughts on this great book here and get the audio to the WHI episode here. More resources can be found on the WHI blog.  Read the episode teaser below and I dare you to try and not listen...I dare ya!!

What is covenant theology and why is it crucial for our overall understanding of Scripture? How does covenant theology relate to our understanding of law and gospel? What is the difference between the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants? On this edition of White Horse Inn, Michael Horton will discuss these important issues with Mike Brown and Zach Keele, authors of a new book, Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dead to sin-Thoughts on the Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 16 from Kevin DeYoung

“Jesus Christ died for our sins. God’s justice demanded it, and His burial testifies to it. Jesus did not swoon or slip into a coma or fall asleep on the cross. He died-stone-cold dead and buried. But why then do we still die? If Christ’s death meant the death of death and paid in full the penalty for our sin, why do one hundred out of one hundred Christians still die? Death is our entrance into eternal life. We know that.

But have you ever stopped to think that death also puts an end to our sinning? I don’t think I’ve ever comforted the dying with this thought. But I should. When a loved one dies of cancer or some debilitating disease, we often hear how “they fought bravely for many years, and now the fight is over and her suffering has ended.” We ought to say the same thing about spiritual disease: “She loved the Lord with all her heart and fought against indwelling sin for the past forty years. Now the fight is over and she has overcome.”

Granted, there are aspects of dying that frighten us. But the Catechism reminds us of an aspect of the good news that we often forget. After death, we won’t think another proud thought, we won’t snap at our children again, we won’t face another temptation to lust ever again. What sweet relief.” via the Logos Bible Android app.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Virgin Birth: Thoughts on Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 14 from Kevin DeYoung

DeYoung on why the virgin birth is essential to the Christian faith: "...the virgin birth demonstrates that Jesus was truly human and truly divine. How can the virgin birth be an inconsequential spring for our jumping when it establishes the very identity of our Lord and Savior? If Jesus had not been born of a human, we could not believe in His full humanity. But if His birth were like any other human birth-through the union of a human father and mother-we would question His full divinity. The virgin birth is necessary to secure both a real human nature and a completely divine nature."

The good news we almost forgot: Rediscovering the gospel in a 16th century catechism.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What's wrong with a civil government forcing people to follow a particular religion?

With the election today, I was reading on Christian involvement in politics.  This word from Wayne Grudem gives a good critique on a wrong view of civil involvement. 

The first wrong view (according to my judgment) is the idea that civil government should compel people to support or follow one particular religion.
Tragically, this “compel religion” view was held by many Christians in previous centuries. This view played a large role in the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48) that began as a conflict between Protestants and Roman Catholics over control of various territories, especially in Germany. There were many other “wars of religion” in Europe, particularly between Catholics and Protestants, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Also in the sixteenth century, the Reformed and Lutheran Protestants persecuted and killed thousands from the Anabaptist groups in Switzerland and Germany who sought to have churches for “believers only” and practiced baptism by immersion for those who made a personal profession of faith.
Over the course of time, more and more Christians realized that this “compel religion” view is inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus and inconsistent with the nature of faith itself (see discussion below). Today I am not aware of any major Christian group that still holds to the view that government should try to compel people to follow the Christian faith.

God's Only Son? Thoughts on Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 13 from Kevin DeYoung

Having explained the words from the Apostles’ Creed, “I believe in Jesus Christ,” we now turn to an explanation of “His only Son, our Lord.” Question 33 raises a question many of us have never considered. How can Jesus be God’s only Son if we too are called sons (and daughters)? The answer lies in the distinction between natural children and adoption.
Because of Adam’s sin, we are by nature children of wrath and sons of disobedience (Eph. 2:2–3). We are not born children of God as if it were our right as human beings. Rather, we must be made children of God by adoption. In the fullness of time, “God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons” (Gal. 4:4–5).

J. I. Packer, author of the classic Knowing God, once summarized the gospel in just three words: “adoption through propitiation.” Now, it strikes me as close to cheating when your simple summary uses two big Latinate words that beg for further explanation, but I have to hand it to Packer; his definition is elegantly profound. The short and sweet of the gospel is this: The wrath of God has been turned away from sinners because of the death of Christ so that we might be reconciled to God and brought into His family.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

From "The Good News We Almost Forgot" on Lord's Day 12

“Answer 31 goes on to explain that the Father ordained and the Spirit anointed Christ to fulfill three different offices: prophet, priest, and king. If you’ve ever struggled to explain Christ at the beach or around the water cooler, try using these three words. Prophet, priest, and king is not the only way to talk about Christ, but it has to be one of the simplest and best-better than contemporary ascriptions of Jesus as revolutionary, home-boy, or the “center” (never sure what to make of that one).” via the Logos Bible Android app.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

From "The Good News We Almost Forgot" for Lord's Day 11

“There is nowhere else we ought to look for our salvation than in Christ. You cannot trust Christ truly unless you trust Christ alone. No matter how much you boast of Christ or talk of your love for Christ or passion for Christ, if you add anything to Christ, your boasting and love and passion are all in vain. There is no “both-and” with Jesus, only “either-or.” Either Jesus is the only Savior, the perfect Savior, and your only comfort in life and in death, or Jesus is for you no Savior at all.” via the Logos Bible Android app.