Sunday, November 18, 2012


Michael Horton:

“According to the gospel, the divine Stranger has met us throughout our history in our own world and has even descended to us as our elder brother, reconciling us to his Father. In a covenantal perspective, we are no less dependent on God for our knowledge than for our existence. Given both the positive ontological difference and the negative ethical opposition between God and fallen humanity, we dare not attempt to ascend to heaven by our own reason, will, and works, but we must meet God where he has promised to descend to us, meeting us in grace. This is the covenant of grace, with Christ’s mediation as the only basis for a safe conduct into God’s presence.

In contrast to the visual analogies that dominant our western intellectual heritage, its principal metaphors for knowing God are oral/aural—God’s speaking and our hearing rather than our seeing and mastering reality. Hearers are never autonomous, but receive both their existence and their knowledge from the God who speaks.” via the Logos Bible Android app.