Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taste and See--Shai Linne

Taste and See
Written by Shai Linne


If you've tasted and seen, then you know what I mean, He's GOOD!
In His nature, His love, everything that He does, He's GOOD!
Even when it gets tough, yes the Lord is enough, He's GOOD!
Yes, God makes it plain through the Lamb who was slain, He's GOOD!

Verse 1

The world is not subtle, why should we be subliminal?
When it comes to goodness, our God is at the pinnacle
If God is approving it, then it's good- that's the principle
Humanity is minimal, the Lord is the original
Fountain of benevolence,  boundless in measurement
Abounding in blessedness, there's mountains of evidence
Found in the testaments, resounding these sentiments
We drown in His benefits from towns to the settlements
His goodness expressed in the natural and physical
From rocks and minerals to toxic chemicals
Stop being cynical, not trying to be traditional
But God is good all the time- no intervals
While doubters and pessimists clown what He represents
His smiles toward the penitent endowed us with better sense
Now that we've been convinced, we shout without hesitance
Crown His excellency now and forever friends!  


Verse 2

Understand God is good apart from anything He's done for me
Yet and still His goodness has blessed me abundantly
I'll try to give a summary beginning with with His love for me
In sending Christ to die yes, the blood of Jesus covers me
Our years, He can make them new, our fears He's awakened to
He hears when we're praying and He's there when the payment's due
His Spirit enables you to fear Him and praise Him through
the tears, we can say it's true, He's near when we're breaking too
Whether we are suffering or living in luxury
His works toward His people are all done lovingly
They're never done stubbornly or with a hint of drudgery
Every single sunrise provides a new discovery
It's clear what He came to do- seers like Isaiah knew
He'd appear as a baby who was reared as a faithful Jew
then pierced for a shady crew, appeared in plainest view,
So here's what's we're made to do, revere Him because praise is due!


Verse 3

Peep this and listen, the keys in the ignition
The goodness of God can be seen in His provision
In each of His decisions, He's leaving the inscription
That it's needless and grievous just to keep Him in derision
It's cool to know His goodness never changes- immutable
It's true when we can't explain this- He's inscrutable
And we are not delusional, these facts are indisputable
I know it sounds unusual, I'll show you how it's provable
Adam and Eve had freedom with one restriction
Satan deceived them, from Eden received eviction
To leave us in a greasy condition with sleazy addictions
But Jesus' afflictions frees those believing He's risen
God's goodness seen at the cross- irrefutable
On this gospel truth we will stand- immovable
And glorify God for His goodness- it's suitable
Just because it's a duty? No! Simply because He's beautiful!