Friday, February 8, 2013

Hell--Thoughts on Lord's Day 5 and a Sermon from Kevin DeYoung

What we don’t want are Christians who admirably try to relieve suffering in the world, but are indifferent toward eternal suffering. Every Christian engaged in mission-be it medical, educational, agricultural, or just plain being a good neighbor-should care about real-life pain and long for opportunities to share the good news that every person needs to hear. Unless, of course, Jesus was wrong and there is no reason to fear Him who can throw body and soul into hell (Matt. 10:28).

The Catechism reorients us to the crisis of the human condition: On our own, God is not for us but against us. God’s wrath cannot be wished away from the pages of Scripture. Even in passages like Matthew 25 where Jesus commands us to feed and clothe the least of our brothers, He also warns against being shut out of the coming wedding feast (v. 10), being cast into the outer darkness (v. 30), and going away into eternal punishment (v. 46). With sober gravity we must confess that hell is real and people will go there.
From The Good News We Almost Forgot, by Kevin DeYoung

Here is a teaching on Lord's Day 5 from Kevin DeYoung.

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