Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deliverance Program--Embrace Brasil

July 19, 2013 at 12:14pm

Embrace Brasil is excited to begin the Deliverance Program!!

Deliverance is a simple way to allow believers across the world to pour truth into the lives of students in Brasil. Believers will select a specific student to commit to. The commitment will include praying daily and emailing a minimum of 2 times per month. Embrace Brasil will receive all emails. We will translate, filter and deliver to the students.

Our goal of this program is to connect Christ followers with students in need. Your letters of encouragement will bless their lives and will share the Gospel. We will sit with the students and help them write letters back to you. This will allow great conversation. The one-on-one time will teach the students they are loved and valued. Reading and writing letters will also serve to tutor the students who need help learning to read and write.

We have posted a few students to begin the program. Many more will be added as more and more students participate in the activities offered by Embrace Brazil.

Any believer wanting to participate will fill out the online form requesting the student of their choice. All emails will be sent to deliverace@embracebrasil.org. Embrace Brasil will then translate, filter and deliver to the selected student.

We invite you to review the children and teens listed on our website and let's get started today praying and blessing specific children.


Thank you for considering. Feel free to share this with your friends and/or congregation!!

GROUP 1 (Age 6-10)

Wendeo da Silva


  8 years old

GROUP 2 (Age 11-15)

Caio Vitor de Souza 


11 years old

Wesley Luis


9 years old

Creslane Evilen 


12 years old

Mateus Dantas


 1o years old

Rafael Ramos


12 years old

Venicius de Jesus


10 years old

Felipe Dantas


12 years old

Eduardo Francisco


13 years old

Group 3 (Age 16-20)

João Paulo


20 years old

João Vitor


14 years old