Friday, October 4, 2013

Great Little Book on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent DesignCreation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design by Guillermo González
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Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design.  These are topics I have studied much in the last few years.  My views have been challenged, altered, manipulated, and confirmed from all different angles.  Each perspective has its own propagandists who care little about truth and a lot about being right.  These folks do not only want you to choose, say, creation over evolution...but it has to be their exact perspective on creation.  It has to be 6 literal days, or it has to involve a gap and recreation, or it has to(insert some other nuance).  Same thing with evolution or ID.

But, each perspective also has loyal adherents who believe strongly that the view they hold is correct and sincerely want you to come to a knowledge of truth.  I like those folks better.  They challenge and help and encourage me, even if I disagree with their conclusions.

One of the greatest things I learned as I was exposed to Reformed Theology and the sovereignty of God is this: All truth is God's truth.  Truth will not lead a person away from God, it will lead them to Him.  This encourages me greatly when dealing with issues, such as evolution/creation/ID, because I can pursue the truth without hesitation.  Truth will inevitably lead me to God, who is Truth!

This booklet from P&R does just that, it seeks the truth with the confidence that all truth is God's truth and truth inevitably leads us to God...even if it may alter, challenge, or contradict our interpretations, presuppositions, and traditions.

Gonzalez and Richards do a wonderful job of presenting a thoroughly biblical argument for God as Creator in a respectful, informative, and entertaining manner.  The challenge they offer at the end of the book sums up well the intent of the authors and I offer a hearty "amen" to it.

"Anyone who has studied science knows that scientists are not immune to 'herd instinct'.  Many false ideas enjoyed consensus opinion at one time....major advances in science often come from a lone scientist going against the consensus view of the day.  These pioneering often endanger their careers for defending their views...The lesson is clear.  Be skeptical of claims of consensus, especially when there are big political or metaphysical issues at stake.  Ask tough questions. Insist on clear definitions.  Educate yourself, using multiple sources of information. Do your best to follow the evidence where it leads. And rest assured that the real evidence of science, as opposed to the misleading claims of scientific  materialism, will not conflict with the truths of the Christian faith." 

I received a review copy from the publisher to review this book.

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