Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zondervan 2 Volume Church History

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Zondervan has released a two volume set of textbooks covering church history.  They come in at around 1300 pages total and they look to be a great resource for students of all sorts.

These books are formatted beautifully.  Zondervan did a real service by allowing plenty of room in the margins to let the reader make notes and doodles…assuming it is used in a lecture format.  They also provided some great charts that summarize neatly large portions of important information.

There are no discussion or review questions included at the ends of the chapters.  That may be a negative to some but I had nop problem with it.  I do not usually utilize them, but always feel a bit burdened with them sitting there…like I am doing a disservice to the book by not answering the question in 1000 words, double spaced in Times New Romans 12 point.

The books have in the back a wonderful, I repeat wonderful, timeline that shows in parallel columns political rulers, writers/thinkers, events and bishops.  It allows the student to see events and people in perspective and is just plain old interesting.

Is the content of the book accurate?  I can only assume so based on the reputation of Zondervan but I could offer no insight of my own into that question.  That is simply beyond my knowledge.  What I do know is that both of these books are approachable, informative, and entertaining and I would love to have these be a text in a Christian history course.

I received review copies to look at and provide an honest review.  This review is for both volumes.