Monday, November 18, 2013

Great resource for youth and youth workers

The Doctrines of Grace: Student EditionThe Doctrines of Grace: Student Edition by Shane Lems
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Shane Lems and P&R have produced a gift for the Church.  This introduction to the Doctrines of Grace is formatted to be a Sunday School/group study guide.  Lems takes 12 lessons to go over the basic reformed teaching of TULIP and grounds the student quite well in reformed soteriology.

The format is basic yet effective with review questions and memory verses after a couple of pages of teaching.  The reading itself would be enough to cover a short time of study, but it looks quite appropriate for pre-study material that can be expounded upon by a teacher in a group setting.

One thing you will notice as you progress through this work is that it is quite obvious that Lems has worked with students and has worked through this very material with students.  Common questions and confusions are cut off in the path as Lems answers objections as they naturally arise.  Times of “But what about…?” are answered as soon as they would be asked.  This doesn’t mean that all possible issues are addressed, but certainly the very common ones are taken care of in the text itself, allowing a teacher to not have to sort through the most common objections and questions in the teaching time...hopefully!

I appreciate how the book starts with Apostle’s Creed and a lesson over it.  The appendices are great for students to have as well.  One appendix on the Canons of Dordt, one appendix on TULIP in the Confessions, and an appendix on Scriptures referenced in the work itself.   This would be a great book for students to work through and then clear a spot on their bookshelf to keep for future reference.

If you are a Presbyterian/Reformed minister to youth, this is an invaluable resource.  If you are a Southern Baptist youth minister looking for a great way to share wonderful Gospel truth and hasten your exit from your particular church, this is a great resource for you. :-D  Seriously though, Lems and P&R have done a service for all those who work with youth and for the church at large by putting this together.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in order to offer a review.

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