Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Incarnation as the model of servant ministry.

The incarnation provides the model of servant ministry. The sending of the Son in his act of voluntary self-humiliation in his passion and crucifixion is a model for believers to follow (Mark 10:41–45; John 13:1–17; Phil 2:5–11). However, humility and service are not limited to the Son, but characterize the entire Godhead because “God exists as Father, Son, and Spirit in a community of greater humility, servanthood and mutual submission.”74 The Holy Spirit does not glorify himself but the Son (John 16:14), just as Jesus glorifies the Father (John 13:31–32; 17:1) and the Father also glorifies the Son (Mark 9:2–9; Matt 3:17; John 8:54; 12:28; Phil 2:5–11). So too must Christians seek the glory of God (Ps 57:5, 11; 1 Cor 10:31) and the honor of fellow Christians (Rom 12:10; Phil 2:3).

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