Friday, January 10, 2014

Embrace Brasil!!!


How to Donate:

Follow the link to complete the form for a one time donation or to set up monthly automatic donations. Your donation will go through the financial department of First Melissa Church   Your donation is an allowable tax write off

       Thank you for your embrace!

God's provision and blessing are overwhelming. He is able to do more than all we ask or imagine... (Ephesians 3:20) Your prayers for the families and individuals of Lamarão sustain our mission.
Your willingness to temporarily come and serve will create relationships and share love they have never experienced before.
Your giving allows us to spend quality time with the people in need and provides tools and equipment to offer an experience that is life changing for so many.
Thank you for listening to God and obeying!



Why give?

Finances are still needed to:
  • Continue feeding 4 meals a week to teens of Lamarão.
  • Improve recreation facilities to allow interaction with teens in Lamarão and take them off the streets.
  • Purchase Bibles for every involved teen in Lamarão.
  • Wood and materials are continuously needed for projects.
  • Materials and resources are needed for Girls' Club studies and gatherings.
  • Continue translating, filtering, and delivering  messages.

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Because you give...

Because you give...Vitor, Amanda, and Lilia are able to leave the comfort of their lives in Tx, USA and go in faith to Brazil.

Because you give...Pituba's existing structure in Lamarão is able to be renovated adding a garden and hen houses.

Because you give... 4 meals a week are being shared with 25-55 teens in Lamarão.

Because you give...Vitor and Amanda are able to actively participate in Pituba Baptist Church of Salvador and carry out the daily ministry in Lamarão - you provide gas money

God is Changing Lives