Friday, June 20, 2014

Titus for all of us

Titus for YouTitus for You by Tim Chester
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The Good Book Company has released a few books in a basic series to make God’s Word accessible to the believer and allow the opportunity for individual and group study.

Each volume of the God’s Word For You series takes you to the heart of a book of the Bible, and applies its truths to your heart.
The central aim of each title is to be:
Bible centred
Christ glorifying
Relevantly applied
Easily readable.

I have enjoyed Tim Keller’s Galatians for You and now Tim Chester’s Titus for You.  Both of these volumes have lived up to the central aim expressed by the series editor.  I have seen some negative comments about these volumes lacking depth but I don’t think that is warranted for a few reasons.

Take Titus for You as an example.  First, and foremost, these volumes are written to be accessible for anyone on their Christian pilgrimage.  These are not treatises to be plumbed by people with more letters after their name than in their name.  This is a work for you and I and it can be read, enjoyed, and used by the Lord for yours and my edification and growth.

While these are not intended to be in-depth academic treatises to challenge the professional theologian, Titus for You has plenty of depth.  Chester gives plenty of context to allow the reader enough knowledge of the Cretes and their culture to get a greater understanding of Paul’s words to Titus.

He deals with issues like God’s sovereignty and missions, sanctification and the Christian life, the pre-temporal covenant of redemption, biblical church government, qualifications of an elder, unbiblical asceticism, legalism, the need for multigenerational ministry, and so much more.

And Chester does not interact with these topics in a cursory manner.  He goes into great depth but does so in a way that any reader should be able to follow and benefit from.

Titus for You is simple, encouraging, and clear.  It is distinctly Reformed and explicitly Scriptural.  This is a volume worth reading in a series worth reading.

***I received a copy of Titus for You in exchange for an honest review.

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