Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hidden in the Gospel

Hidden in the Gospel FarleyHidden in the Gospel Farley by William Farley
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Hidden in the Gospel is a helpful new work from P&R Publishing by William Farley.  It is subtitled: “Truths You Forget to Tell Yourself Every Day” and that is just what you find on these pages.  Farley takes the reader for a tour of God’s salvation and unpacks what its truth and ramifications on every level.  It is so easy to think of the Gospel as “my ticket in” and ignore many beautiful truths of God’s great Gospel.

Farley builds on the concept of “preaching to yourself” which has thankfully been gaining steam in our time, at least in has in the circles I frequent for sure.  I thoroughly enjoyed how Farley taught on different aspects of salvation with questions to aid group study and reading suggestions for those who want to dive deeper into the doctrine.

I also found his sections on how one could preach to themselves each particular aspect of salvation quite helpful.  Farley looks at salvation from eternity past to eternity future.  He helps the reader guard against a reductionist, ”Romans Road”-type, Gospel and shows not only the truth of how election and the ascension, for example, are part of the Gospel but also how these impact our daily lives and give us hope for a secure future.

Hidden in the Gospel is a great overview of the greatest story and is a wonderful primer on a neglected discipline that is sure to bear much fruit.

I received a review copy for and honest review.

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