Saturday, August 9, 2014

John--New volume in the REC series by Richard Phillips

*Rating and review based on ARC sample provided by publisher

Richard Phillips new commentary on John, from the sample I viewed, is one that many will benefit from.  P&R provided about 40 pages of text to offer thoughts on-not counting the series introduction, endorsements, and the like.

I read the preface, chapter 1 from volume 1(on the prologue to John's Gospel and some background information) and chapter 71 from volume 2(on the death of Lazarus).  While there were a couple of head scratching moments (like the argument that John wrote after AD 70 because he does not mention the fall of Jerusalem and the Temple??*), this is a solid and accessible treatment of John from an author who has earned my trust, a series that highly spoken of, and a publisher who has consistently graced the church with many, many great resources.

The Reformed Expository Commentary series is much applauded and the newest volume on John from Richard Phillips looks to step right in and bless those of us who desire academic work presented in a manner that the non-seminarian can understand and enjoy.  This is a resource that you will not be sorry spending the money or time on.

I look forward to when this is released in Logos format to add it to my library there.

*(W)hile John often mentions the temple, his Gospel nonetheless gives little attention to matters related to its fall and the destruction of Jerusalem in a.d. 70, so that it is hard to imagine John’s writing this book in the years shortly before or after that epochal event.(page 6)