Monday, October 13, 2014

Like a Museum Exhibit in book form

Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards by Simonetta Carr
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I have heard about the Christian Biographies for Young Readers series by Simonetta Carr for quite some time.  Numerous people have recommended this as, if not the “go-to”, one of the best series of biographies for kids to learn from and enjoy.  Her newest volume on Jonathan Edwards was my introduction to the series but if it is any example of the series as a whole I will be getting some more volumes for my kids.

You really have to look through one of her books to get an idea for what it is.  Trying to describe it just does not do justice.  It is part storybook, part encyclopedia, part textbook.  It is beautifully presented and is quite unique in style and content.

The work on Edwards covers his life from birth to death.  It hits the highlights of his life but also his influence.  The Great Awakening, time with David Brainerd, expulsion from Northhampton, mission to the Natives and acceptance of the call to lead Princeton University are all covered with original and period-specific art-work, artifacts, photographs, a nice, succinct timeline and a neat Did You Know? section.  If I had to try and explain this book I would say it is like a museum exhibit somehow translated to a book.  It is quite unique and interesting.

Jonathan Edwards life has been of interest to me since becoming a Christian, especially after spending some time with the work of George Marsden.  I am quite pleased that Mrs. Carr has made a way for my children to share in this interest and to expose them to believers of the past.  Volumes in the series include biographies of Calvin, Augustine, Lady Jane Grey, Owen, Athanasius, Anselm, and Knox.

These beautiful and unique books are perfect additions to personal, church, and school libraries.

*I received a review copy from the publisher through Cross Focused Reviews.

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