Sunday, November 23, 2014

God's Battle

P&R Publishing has partnered with Children Desiring God to release a series of excellent books by Sally Michael aimed at ministering Gospel truth to children in a manner that is engaging, memorable, and God-honoring.  Their success has been a blessing to my family and the latest release, God’s Battle, will occupy a special place in my household for a while to come.

God’s Battle is about the warfare in which we are all engaged.  It begins with the victory of Christ and ends with the victory of Christ while showing the reader how this victory effects our eternity and our role in this spiritual battle.  As a father of 3 boys-10,8, & 6, the theme of this book was readily received and resonated greatly.  It is nice having a book that my boys want to read and one that is Gospel-focused and God-honoring. 

Michael begins the book by leading children through the Gospel.  She shows the need for a Savior and how he saved his people.  She then encourages the reader that the battle isn't over and proceeds to lead us through the battle for our faith.  She does this by creating a spiritual battle manual.  She explores battlegrounds (the battlegrounds of pride, fear, unbelief, etc…), enemy attacks, and battle strategies (depend on God, renew your mind, resist the enemy, etc…).

I do not know how this will translate to young girls.  The truths are necessary and the presentation is still beneficial but the theme will probably be better received by younger boys.  I have been using it with my 3 and they have benefited greatly.

I received a copy of this from the publisher for review purposes.