Monday, May 4, 2015


Crossway is releasing a new booklet by Russell Moore based on his book, Adopted for Life.  In it, Moore makes the same case that he does in his earlier work but presents in in 60 pages as opposed to a couple of hundred, making this important work on this important topic that much more accessible.

Moore does a great job of giving a reasoned and forceful plea for Christians to care for the fatherless.  Moore is not naïve enough to believe that everyone is called or capable of adoption, but he definitely encourages all believers to follow the mandate of Scripture in making the care for orphans a priority in our ministries and in our lives.  Moore presents a forceful case that rightly appeals to the heart of the reader.  However, to his credit and to the great benefit of the reader and the cause, Moore does not stoop to guilt-trip or manipulation.  He encourages, he pleads, he reasons from Scripture, he educates, he leads by example, and he pours out his heart.  And the result is a challenging, encouraging, and convicting little booklet that will, hopefully, find its way into the hands of many people who will be prompted to make a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable, most fragile, and most in need.

I received a review copy of this book.

From the publisher:

The Bible depicts Joseph of Nazareth as a good and honorable man. The adoptive father of Jesus, he stood by his wife when it appeared that she had betrayed him, raising Jesus as his own son. In doing so, Joseph provided all Christians with a beautiful picture of what fatherhood is meant to look like: steadfast, loving, protective. But such love stands in stark contrast to what we see in our world today: on-demand abortion, unreported abuse, and widespread neglect. Calling Christians to take a stand for children—born and unborn—this short booklet, adapted from Adopted for Life, makes a passionate plea for Christians to view adoption as a way to value and protect every human life.