Friday, April 8, 2016

How I Changed my Mind About Evolution: Review

How I Changed My Mind about Evolution: Evangelicals Reflect on Faith and ScienceHow I Changed My Mind about Evolution: Evangelicals Reflect on Faith and Science by Kathryn Applegate
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How I Changed my Mind About Evolution is not an apologetic for evolutionary theory. It is a collection of essays recounting the contributors' personal struggles in reconciling Christian faith and the natural sciences. For what it is, this book is as good as it is needed, and I lack the repertoire of superlatives necessary to properly convey how strongly I feel about how needed this book is.

The essays in this book range from pretty good to first-rate. I thought Smith's essay to open and Mouw's to close were the two best. Crisp's and Wright's were also especially helpful. I had a mixed reaction to some of the essays. I shook my head at some of the theological statements. I shook my head at some of the scientific statements. I shook my head at some of the things that made me shake my head. (I can get ramped up over peripherals much too quickly/often.) This book has contributions from a wide range of denominations, so if your one of those types who too rarely round the corner of his own personal, ideological ghetto (Me! Me!), then you should prepare to be annoyed at times. But it is a good annoyance...and a needed one.

I am swimming against the stream of my personal circle in daring to advocate something connected with Biologos...or even something that has the audacity to be any more nuanced than Darwin=Devil. But too many have been driven away from the Christian faith by a novel litmus test of orthodoxy that doesn't find its basis explicitly in the Scriptures or in the creeds for me to not offer some sort of pushback. This is a conversation worth having and one that deserves more light and less heat than it has been given. This book will not change minds. But it does shed a lot of light on the issue from the evolutionary creation position and will be a benefit to many, even if it just to let people know that science and faith are not mortal enemies and this conversation is not as closed as many would be led to believe.

My encouragement: if your immediate, visceral response to the idea of evolution is disgust, then you may be encountering a bogeyman that owes its existence to fear mongering rather than a genuine foe. Consider listening to the story of brothers and sisters who love Jesus, affirm the Scriptures, and hold to some sort of evolutionary theory. It will only benefit the Body to know why certain parts believe what they do.

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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