Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Martin Luther

Martin Luther (Christian Biographies for Young Readers)Martin Luther by Simonetta Carr
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 Simonetta Carr’s series of biographies is a hard set to define. The books are aimed at children, but they are informative and utterly unique. I guess what I am trying to say is that I do not feel embarrassed that I consistently find a way to shelve these with my books rather than my kids—selfish, yes; embarrassed, no.

Carr’s biography of Martin Luther is destined to endure this same sort of shelf migration the which others have grown accustomed. It comes just in time for the 500th celebration of the Reformation next year when many around the world will be thanking God anew for that special grace he exhibited in Wittenberg in October of 1517. Carr’s work will serve as an invaluable aid because of how engaging, encouraging, and spiritually and mentally edifying it is.

The biographical details are clearly presented, and most readers will not have any problem with the text. Younger readers might need a parent to read through it with them the first time, and I would encourage you to be the one to volunteer to read it with them. Beyond the text, the book as a whole is expectedly gorgeous. If this is your first entrance into the series, you will be amazed. If you have enjoyed Carr’s bios before, do not expect to be the least bit disappointed. The maps are helpful; the illustrations are gorgeous. The photos of places and relics make you feel like you are visiting a museum. My favorite pictures are the one of Luther’s room at the Wartburg castle and the drawbridge he crossed upon leaving his place of hiding. The book concludes with a “Did You Know” section, a timeline, and some excerpts from his catechism. I would have taken a page at the end and included the text of “A Mighty Fortress,” but that simply may be just my immense affection for the song shining through.

Martin Luther another great volume from the “Christian Biographies for Young Readers” series. Grab this one, or any of them, and you will be greatly pleased.

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