Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Silence and Beauty: A Review

Silence and Beauty: Hidden Faith Born of SufferingSilence and Beauty: Hidden Faith Born of Suffering by Makoto Fujimura
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This is the sort of book that I hope begins to dominate Christian publishing. In the Bible Belt Christendom in which I was born and in which so much Christian publishing occurs, the arts are neglected, if not demonized. Tough topics are skirted, ignored, or answered with trite truisms and a call to blind faith. Differing voices are ostracized out of fear that differences will lead to divisions, or possibly reduce them. Fujimura does not succumb to any of these pitfalls (of course, it would be difficult to ping him as a Bible Belt Christian) and engages tough topics of culture, art, and the universal human experience through the lens of Endo's masterpiece novel, "Silence." And he does so in a manner that is clear and gracious. In addition to that, he does so in a manner that is beyond insightful. "Silence and Beauty" is literary and cultural commentary that does not settle for...it just does not settle. This book excels in every area and deserves to be read widely.

I cannot express how greatly I enjoyed this work. If you want to glean significant insight on a novel of great impact (and even greater now as a Scorsese film) as well as the universal issues addressed within, "Silence and Beauty" is the place to go.

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