Saturday, February 11, 2017

90 Days in John, Romans, and James

The Good Book Company has released a series of devotionals that I believe are going to become a staple in both my spiritual life and my future gift-giving. Devotionals are typically hit and miss with me. Some are good, some are not-so-good. I enjoy prayer books (Valley of Vision is a favorite), but devotional books quite often are not what I am looking for.  

These “open Bible devotional(s)” are different. Requiring the reader to “keep your Bible open, on your lap or on your screen, as you use these studies” these are more prompts to greater study than they are standalone thoughts.  

The content is great. I expected that. Sam Alberry and Tim Keller are solid theologians and engaging writers, so that was not any sort of surprise. What I was not suspecting was such a nice format. The book is a solid hardback and includes a full page of lined space to record prayers or response thoughts. I am thinking about using it to record prayers and thoughts and then give the book to one of my kids as a gift. Even if I simply keep it for myself, it will be nice to have a record of my devotional life over a period, or to return to it a couple of years from now and go through the devotions again.

          Great content. Great format. I really cannot think of any reason that these volumes should not be at the top of any Christians to-be-read list.

Review copy provided.